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What people are saying

As studio owners ourselves, we love Namafit and we aren't the only ones...

Oh my god...before your website I used to use Craigslist and it was full of crazies...I have gone from 1 or 2 qualified applicants to 27. Auguste Davis, Beverly Hills, CA
AD Private Fitness Studio
Thank you...this is an amazing website for fitness professionals. Andrew Lee, Wayne, NJ
Registered Yoga Teacher
Incredibly easy to navigate website and super pleasant to work with. Thank you for providing this opportunity to instructors! Tanuja Rampersad, Boston, MA
Boston Yogi

So how much is Namafit?

Namafit is free for both businesses and instructors

Promote your jobs and events

We do, however, offer the option to promote your posts.

For either $9 per post or $49/month for all of your posts, you will get a ton of extra perks to promote your job and event posts:
Featured in all emails
Featured in job lists
Featured in promotions
And much more
Post a job to get started Post an event to get started is the best tool for instructors to find yoga jobs, fitness jobs and dance jobs. Businesses find that Namafit is the best hiring tool for yoga, fitness and dance staffing needs.

It’s the best because it’s the most effective website, the easiest to use, and has the largest network of professionals and businesses in the United States. Our goal is to connect yoga instructors, fitness instructors and dance instructors with the studios, gyms and business who are hiring. We recently added events to our listing and search tools, so you when you need to promote a workshop, retreat or teacher training, remember to post it on Namafit. We’ll promote it for you! If you are passionate about health and you are in the industry, Namafit can be a valuable tool for you.


For yoga instructors, group fitness instructors, personal trainers and all others looking to work in the industry, there were not many options for finding more work before Namafit came along. We know instructors work hard and travel a lot to fill their schedule. Because Namafit is location based, we can help you find more work closer to where you live. It only takes a few minutes to create a profile.

Here’s how it works- a teacher creates a profile with the basic information- name, location, teaching styles, resume. Certifications and social media links can also be added to your profile. Then, the instructor can search the current postings on Namafit, and apply to any you are interested in, for free. And when a business posts a job near you that is a match for your expertise, Namafit sends you a notification with a link to apply directly to that job.

After applying to a job, the hiring business is alerted to a new candidate application. Instructors, teachers, trainers and coaches can send a follow up message directly to the business. If the business feels they are a good match the instructor can be contacted by employers with our direct messaging tool. Instructors also get a public URL professional profile page similiar to a LinkedIn professional page, so you can promote yourself with a permanent profile link.


Whether you are a barre studio in Miami looking to post a barre job, or yoga studio in Malibu wanting to hire for a yoga teacher job, or a fitness business in Downtown New York City looking to hire for a group fitness instructor job, Namafit is the best fitness recruitment app for businesses in the yoga, fitness and dance industry. Jobs in the US can be filled using With Namafit’s technology, jobs and events posted anywhere in the US will be re-posted to nearby job boards, google job search and social channels to help find more qualified candidates. That means when you post a job or event at a certain location, Namafit will target the surrounding area to advertise your post to the people who are most interested and most qualified. After a posting goes live, Namafit also presents the business with matching candidate profiles and you can contact the candidates directly to see if they are interested.

Namafit includes a simple messaging service to help businesses and instructors communicate once an application is submitted. Businesses have an easy to use candidate screening interface to narrow down the perfect match for a job. For those times when a business operator is too busy to manage job and event promotion, there is a feature to allow you to invite other business page administrators such as your studio manager, to help you with the posting, screening, messaging and hiring processes. Add multiple locations, share you job posts on social media, and even use your business page as a recruitment landing page linked from your website- these are all free features for businesses.

Long ago, we recognized that there are limited options to find great candidates in this industry. And we understand that the options available are very expensive. So we decided to make it free to post yoga jobs, fitness jobs, dance jobs, pilates jobs, gym jobs, wellness jobs, yoga events, yoga workshops, yoga retreats, fitness events, and any other wellness events on

Long ago, we recognized that there are limited options to find great candidates in this industry. And we understand that the options available are very expensive. Therefore, it is free to post yoga jobs, fitness jobs, dance jobs, pilates jobs, barre jobs, gym jobs, yoga events, yoga workshops, yoga retreats, fitness events, and any other wellness jobs and events on

For those who want to promote their posts more and have a bigger audience of candidates and customers, Namafit does offer sponsored posts. It is only $9 to sponsor a post for one month. You can also choose to sponsor Unlimited jobs and events for just $49 per month. When a post is sponsored, it appears in the top of search results above any other, more recent posts. Those sponsored posts are also promoted at the top of our weekly newsletter that gets sent to the tens of thousands in the Namafit community. Additionally, sponsored posts are promoted higher in the external job site posts that Namafit publishes. This means that when potential candidates are searching for jobs and events on other sites partnered with Namafit, our promoted posts appear higher in search results than unsponsored job and event postings.

Give Namafit a try today for yoga, fitness dance, pilates, barre, trx, group fitness, personal training, and any other wellness industry jobs and events that you want to find, promote or hire for. If you post it they will come...

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