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CorePower Yoga is hiring Yoga instructors at our studios across San Diego

A CorePower Yoga Instructor delivers an extraordinary experience. The instructor provides this experience through a welcoming front desk check-in process, guiding students through a CPY-aligned class, and supporting each individual student to live their power. The CPY instructor cultivates supportive relationships by making themselves accessible and approachable, ensuring student safety, and embodying the CPY Core Values at all times.


- Teach a minimum of two (2) CPY5 aligned CorePower Yoga classes per week

- Serve the community and provide a consistent safe space for all to practice by educating students on alignment, offering modifications for postures as appropriate, and consistently using CPY cueing formulas

- Instructors are scheduled to be at the studio 30 minutes before and after each class to read studio communications, plan CPY5 aligned classes using the CPY Class Planning Protocol and support tools and connect with the student community

- Connect with students 15 minutes prior to class beginning and 15 minutes after class ends in support of students’ personal growth, growth of the studio, and all current CPY initiatives

- As the face of the studio when students walk in, welcome students, check students in to class, navigate point of sale and scheduling software, and process front desk transactions

- Perform specific cleaning tasks as assigned to ensure CPY Smart Health Protocol standards of cleanliness are observed to ensure student and employee safety

- Contribute to a supportive and fun studio environment by upholding the CPY Core Values and fostering positive working relationships

- Act as an in-studio ambassador for all current CPY initiatives and business streams including but not limited to Black Tag Membership, programming and lifestyle programs, retail, etc.


- Prior to June 2020: Certificate of completion from a 200-hour yoga teacher training with an additional 50 hours of continuing education for C1, C2, HPF and Hot Formats or a Yoga Sculpt or Fitness Training plus an additional 40 hours of continuing Education for Yoga Sculpt. After June 2020: Certificate from a format related 200-hour yoga teacher training in person/online or a CorePower Yoga Online teacher training

- Current CPR/AED certification required

- High School diploma preferred

- Excellent oral communication skills, professionalism, and strong interpersonal skills

- Proficiency in computer applications

- Ability to lead students in physical activity for a maximum 1.5 hours at a time

- Ability to withstand exposure to heat of a maximum of 104 degrees for 60 mins in heated classes


- Must demonstrate CorePower Yoga Core Values; Attitude of Gratitude, Team Player, Live Our Mission, and Delivers Results

- Minimum of 2 permanent classes per week is required

- Instructors will be assigned a studio set including a home studio and supporting studio(s) where they will be scheduled to teach permanent classes, prioritize subbing support, receive routine feedback and communications, and support growth of the community and CPY initiatives

- Must be able to move around the studio space, crouch, bend, reach, and lift up to 25 lbs.
Hot Yoga
Yoga Sculpt

Employment: Permanent

Beginner to Master

Date Posted: Oct 31 2021
3555 Rosecrans St , San Diego , CA 92110

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