Personal Trainer

posted by Union League Club of Chicago

Responsible for assisting members in achieving their health goals
through physical activity instruction and guidance.

Essential Functions: 
Performs initial physical assessment of the member 
Establishes realistic goal for the client 
Develop physical fitness programs and offers guidance to help client achieve goals 
Ensures proper, up-to-date and safe procedures are being utilized 
Monitors form and technique, provides constructive verbal and hands-on help 
Maintains a clean and neat appearance of the fitness facility and monitors the

functioning status of equipment. 
Monitors fitness center; assists members with proper techniques, answers questions

and provides information about health promotion and fitness. 
Teaches proper stretching, strengthening and aerobic exercises, participates in continuing education seminars and workshops. 
Greets users of the fitness center; answers telephones and maintain files of program cards, testing and other information. 
Assists the Assistant Athletic Director in initial and continued development of services within the athletic department. 
Attends all training sessions and regular staff meetings; researches assigned projects and topics. 
Remains up to date on current fitness information 
Must maintain a current personal training certification through continuing education 
Knowledge of how to perform a correct “weight lifting spot” 
Ability to plan effective creative fitness programs designed to safely meet the clients’ goals.

Qualifications and Skills:

Education: Bachelors degree with an emphasis on Physical Education, Recreation or
Personal Trainer certifications from an accredited school and or any combination of
education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school or any other
combination of education, training or experience that provides the required knowledge
skills and abilities.

Experience: Minimum one year of experience is required.

Additional Skills: Must hold proper certifications in personal training (A.C.S.M.,
N.S.C.A, N.A.S.M., A.C.E)

Job Type: Full-time


Health insurance
Dental insurance
Vision insurance
Paid time off
Tuition reimbursement
Personal Training
Pilates Reformer

Employment: Permanent

Beginner to Master

Date Posted: Jan 11 2020
65 W. Jackson, chicago, IL 60604

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