Lead Yoga Teacher for YogaSix Oyster Point, South San Francisco

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Job Title: Lead Teacher
Reports to: General Manager
Start Date: January 2020 with required training 12/16 - 12/18 in Irvine, CA

YogaSix believes everyone deserves the mind-body experience of yoga. YogaSix offers six different class types designed to accommodate students of all levels in a way that is empowering, encouraging, and fun. YogaSix was established in 2012 and is the fastest growing boutique yoga company in the United States.

Our Lead Teachers support the General Manager and Department of Education by providing programming expertise, onboarding help, and continued coaching for the teaching roster of the region. Onboarding help includes reviewing submitted sequences, auditioning teachers for format sign offs, providing feedback and coaching to teachers exploring new formats, and leading format trainings.
This is a part-time position, and compensated based on time spent or task completed. Average estimated time commitment of approximately 3-6 hours per week in addition to teaching 5-8 yoga classes per week.

Teach a minimum of 5-8 yoga classes (minimum of 4 different formats) in studio per week.
Responsible for recruiting, auditioning, hiring, coaching and developing teachers
Have strong understanding of Yoga Six core formats, as well as distinguishing features between formats.
Ability to review sequences submitted for non-set formats (Y6 101, Y6 Slow Flow, Y6 Stretch, Y6 Power, Y6 Sculpt & Flow) and provide feedback to teacher, General Manager and Department of Education (if requested)
Responsible for auditioning teachers for various class formats, as well as auditing existing teachers’ classes in various class formats for continued support
Coach teachers in a supportive, empowering way by illuminating areas of growth and acknowledging areas of skill
Submit audition evaluation form for each teacher to studio manager
Lead in-house format trainings (which include a full class experience) for training purposes

Minimum 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher (500 hr Certified Teacher preferred)
Minimum 3 years teaching experience (E-RYT status preferred)
Yoga Management experience preferred
Interest in evolving skills as a teacher and knowledge of various styles
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Experience coaching and developing staff and effectively resolving personnel issues
Organizational skills/ High attention to detail
Computer savvy; Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, online databases

Compensation includes an hourly rate for administrative duties, as well as a per-project rate for specific tasks, such as scouting teachers, auditioning teachers, reviewing sequences, leading class format trainings, and taking classes to offer feedback.

Yoga Six Ambassador for Community Events (Teacher, Contributor)
Lead by example, consistently perform all tasks at the highest level
Uplift all Team Members by giving them the tools to succeed
Adhere to Yoga Six Core Values and uphold the Core Values with all Team Members

A few more details...
Technical ability to support and coach teachers in order to ensure growth and refinement of technique
Proficient with Microsoft Office required, Mind Body Online preferred
Embrace change and adapt well to a fast-changing environment
Desire to learn, grow, and be coached
No relocation offered.
Must be eligible to work in the US.
Lead Teacher to have written approval for all tasks, and to invoice for work completed.
Lead Teacher reports to General Manager, with support and training coming from the Director of Education.

Setting the Ultimate Example
Taking the seat of a Lead Teacher carries with it much joy as well as much responsibility. Dedication to your own journey and a commitment to personal growth and inner transformation is the foundation, for you can only guide another as far along the path as you have come yourself.
Qualities of Great Leaders & Teachers:
The ability to create connection
Knowledge of the techniques and material
The ability to communicate and the willingness to be in conversation
Being objective in judgment
Being a gate keeper of the space
Willingness to grow and remain a student forever
Permission to not know, to be the beginner, to be a learner
A sense of humor
Dropping grandiose expectations and honoring our personal and professional evolution
Being willing to tune in to our needs and the needs of our team members
Leading from a place of rich personal experience

How to Apply
Submit your resume and cover letter to oysterpointgm@yogasix.com

Thank you!

Nicole De Rosa
Beginning Yoga
Core Strength
Hot Yoga
Power Yoga
Women's Yoga
Front Desk Staff
Basic Yoga
Aligned Vinyasa
Yoga Sculpt

Employment: Permanent

Rate: $50 a class

Beginner to Master

Date Posted: Nov 08 2019
101 Oyster Point Blvd., Suite #3, South San Francisco, CA 94080

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