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Are you a yoga instructor looking for a unique organization and team to work with? Do you enjoy serving in the spotlight? Are you passionate about movement and teaching? Do you love cleaning equipment after a sweaty class? If you answered yes to all of these (except the cleaning one—we hate that), we’d like to talk to you. We’re looking for a confident, professional and experienced instructor to join our Coaching Team. We’re growing like crazy, and we’re looking for someone who can jump into a system quickly while contributing their own magic touch. We have a number of exceptional coaches who reach hundreds of people each year with the message of ACCOMPLISHMENT. Help us continue spreading that message. Join our crusade to change lives forever!

• Broad knowledge of anatomy, functional movement and breathwork. If you just like to look at yourself in the large mirrors at the gym, please don’t apply.
• Experience in teaching small groups. This means less than 10 people in a class.
• Ability to think on your toes. Understand that quickly means QUICKLY— you won’t have time to google it!
• Eat pressure and high-intensity situations for breakfast.
• Ability to work within a team atmosphere. At no point will you be allowed to be a Lone Ranger.
• Someone with former stand up comedy experience. (We like to have a good laugh and stay entertained.)

• Work directly with youth and adults to help them achieve their fitness goals.
• Encourage membership sales of every person that walks through the door.
• Be able to do necessary administrative tasks. Check clients into your class.
Bring the (non-explicit) heat with your playlists. We all have to do ’em; make sure you can do them accurately.
• Of course, actually teach yoga. You may have open/close the studio, wipe down equipment, check someone out for a water or sweat towel, or collect payment for private lessons. Can you do these things with excellence? If this describes you, we want your résumé!

Email us at

Role Details:
Teach specified Yoga Class(es)
Arrive 15-30 minutes early to teach classes
Actively engage clients before/after class
Learn clients names and something personal about them
Post and check in when teaching (minimum 1/week) to announce their schedule (facebook or instagram)
Be capable of offering quick and safe modifications or alternative exercises for clients
Create clean, motivating playlists
Download and run interval timer
Leave gym and equipment clean and organized
If the mat cleaner or any equipment needs to be refilled, notify front desk
Be familiar with the exercises on a weekly basis
Participate in at least 3 classes each week
Participate in at least 1 yoga class each week

Education/Experience Required:
Registered Yoga Training - 200 HR
1 year training experience
Ability to lead a class of 1-60 people
Strong Communication Skills
Strong knowledge of Anatomy
Understands functional movement and biomechanics
Strong communication skills
Loves to Play
Personal practice or training regime for 5+ years

Education/Experience Preferred:
Degree in sports related field (Kinesiology, Sport Management, Human Development, Strength & Conditioning, Anatomy)
Registered Yoga Training - 300 HR
+3 years of personal training or teaching yoga experience

Physical Requirements:
Must be able to work in a fast paced environment
Must be able to kneel, bend, reach, climb and stand for long durations of time
Must be able to lift/carry a minimum of 40lbs

Employment: Permanent

Rate: $20-$30

Beginner to Master

Date Posted: Nov 07 2019
10510 Westview Drive, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77043

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