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We believe life is a celebration... We believe challenging our minds and bodies every day will illuminate our true strength within... We believe in the freedom of handstands and all of the falling down it takes to get there.
We believe in the joys of drinking champagne and we believe in the healing power of abstinence...We believe in Wu-Tang and believe their music has a place in a modern yoga practice.
We believe in building a community where we can celebrate each other and our unique journeys with love and compassion- never competition.
We believe in the divine feminine. From Beyonce, to Madonna, to Prince to Kali to Lakshmi to Durga. We take refuge in her power.
We believe in getting a good ass kicking in Hot Tuff Yogi and we believe the necessity of a weekly Decompression Session.
We believe in radical self-care... We believe that with a consistent and dedicated practice all is coming... We believe in the healing and freeing power of yoga.
We Believe In You!
Does this sound like the kind of place you want to work? If so- Keep reading!

About the Role
Teachers are the life-blood of this studio, the keepers of the flame of a steady and consistent practice, the folks who guide our students through the transformational experiecne of yoga. These unique, gorgeous beings are responsible for leading inspirational and well sequenced group classes. The type of class may include, but is not limited to Yoga, Hot Tuff, Decompression Session, Honey Lounge. Teachers are expected to be able to utilize a variety of standard props (those relevant to the applicable modality) to aid in the delivery of a kick ass experience.
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Arrive to class 15 minutes early to help set up the room, greet students and answer student questions prior to class, help check in if necessary/requested
• Stay after class 10-15 minutes to make sure the studio is left clean with all props stored and answer student questions after class
• Start every class by asking students to meet someone new in the room. One of the greatest things about our studio is the connection students cultivate with each other.

• Introduce yourself and offer an intention for your class
• Teach class according to the schedule description and level
• Learn your students names
• Start and end class as scheduled
• Provide a comfortable and positive class environment
• Make sure all students are checked in and paid for class. NO Unpaids.
• Secure your own substitute teachers per our sub policy.
• No Call, No Show, No Class- we love you and check on you, boo
• Instruct poses effectively, paying attention to safety and risk factors appropriate to student experience levels
• Safely and effectively provide physical support and adjustments to students (if student wishes) in order to facilitate correct alignment in postures
• Must be able to provide modifications for all experience levels
• Promote upcoming events, workshops and events scheduled at the studio
• Communicate appropriate student feedback to Studio Manager, Teacher Manager and/or Regional Manager (goals people, goals)
• Familiarity with all classes on the schedule, workshops and programming.
• Using music in class is mandatory
• The average class size must remain above 8 students.
• Utilize studio provided technology to help increase student engagement and membership growth.
• Make studio class announcements after class, not just your schedule- share info about your colleague's workshops. Don’t understand what the workshop is? Ask mgmt to explain.
• Attend staff meetings
• Attend annual performance review

Qualifications and Experience:
Group Fitness Teacher:
• Certification from a recognized group fitness program
• 1-3 years of group teaching experience preferred
• Must be proficient in teaching circuits for varying class sizes
Yoga Teacher:
• Graduation from a recognized 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
• 1-3 years of yoga teaching experience preferred
• Graduation from a recognized 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training preferred
Positive, friendly, professional and courteous
Work Environment
This job primarily operates in a yoga studio but may involve work within the community and/or other locations. Not all locations have elevators or offer physically-disabled access. The role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, stereo equipment.

Power Yoga
Body Leverage/Weight Training
Cardio Hip Hop
Core Conditioning
Fitness Desk Staff
Yoga Sculpt

Employment: Permanent

Rate: Starting rate $35

Beginner to Master

Date Posted: Nov 01 2019
169 Pelton Center way , San Leandro , CA 94577

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