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Youth Martial Arts Teacher Positions @ Soja Mind Body

Teaching Youth Martial Arts Classes
Scope of work:
• Teaching (independently) regularly scheduled weekly youth classes from toddler - teen ages.
• Communicate with parents as needed.
• Communicate with managers, as well as the Youth Martial Arts Director, to ensure quality of teaching and consistency with the curriculum.
Minimum Teaching Requirements:
• Show proof of tuberculosis shot within a year of the hire date - fee to be reimbursed 3 months after the hire date.
• Show proof of personal background check within a year of the hiring date - to be reimbursed 3 months after the hire date.
• Arrive at studio at least 20 minutes prior to beginning of the class to prepare the space properly. Parents are allowed to drop their youth off 10 minutes before class start time...which leaves you 10 minutes to prepare the space prior to the kids' arrival. This time prior to class begins is not considered billable hours.
• Sweep the floor briefly to clean up anything on the workout floor.
• Notify manager of any issue that needs further clean up, trash problem, toilet problem, or other.
• Log into the online registration system and sign students into class.
• Lead class according to the curriculum, attend to various parent’s needs.
• If possible, answer phone and if not able to answer the question immediately briefly ask them to call back and leave a message.
• Notify parents/kids of any upcoming events, class changes.
• In the case of an emergency, apply first aid and or facilitate emergency first aid services 911.
• Write very brief class summary for next teacher/chief instructor to consider
• Put all teaching materials back in the correct places, clean studio, turn off all lights, HVAC and make sure doors are locked before leaving.
• Lead and facilitate youth and other adult martial arts workshops and youth day camps in coordination with the Youth Martial Arts Director.

Other terms:
• Currently teaching hours are expecting every Saturday morning from 10 am – 1 pm.
• Can have other qualified teachers (approved by owner and who are already trained in the Soja online registration system and teaching system) substitute teach 2x a month, as is necessary.
• Additional time to be commissioned and approved by Direct Reports.
• Status updates via phone and informal meetings (under 30 minutes) are not considered billable time.
• Scheduled working meetings (30 minutes or more) are considered billable hours, to be reflected on each monthly invoice.

New Proposal Submission Procedure
• Unless otherwise stated, all deliverables require a minimum 48 hour turnaround time.
• New projects will be outlined, with all deliverables itemized, and approved before work begins. Completion will be measured against the pre-approved list of deliverables, unless otherwise specified.

Billing Information
• Hours will be billed on a monthly schedule, to be paid within 30 days.
• All invoices will include a summary of hours with the specific category of work broken out in an excel spreadsheet, hosted online as a shared document with Direct Reports.

Fee Schedule
• Teacher - $ 20 per hour
Martial Arts

Employment: Permanent

Rate: $20 / hour

Beginner to Master
Soja Mind Body, 3015 San Pablo Avenue, Ste A, Berkeley, CA 94702

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