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posted by Brad M. Keimach

Can we get real for just a moment? Here is an article that appeared this week, that addresses the question of how can we earn a living for the next 20 years, what with robotics, AI, outsourcing, etc. After the article is an answer.

Oxford economists who study employment trends tell us that almost half of existing jobs, including those involving “non-routine cognitive tasks”—you know, like thinking—are at risk of death by computerization within 20 years. They’re elaborating on conclusions reached by two MIT economists in the book Race Against the Machine(2011). Meanwhile, the Silicon Valley types who give TED talks have started speaking of “surplus humans” as a result of the same process—cybernated production. Rise of the Robots, a new book that cites these very sources, is social science, not science fiction.

Is this any way to live? Sounds crazy to me! There is one profession that cannot be replaced by robotics or AI, ever. And that is: teaching yoga, and even more, teaching yoga on the beach. There’s no amount of AI than can replicate the reality of the beach, and robots, videos, TedTalks cannot come close to teaching this ancient art.

I'm the Brad of Beach Yoga with Brad. For over 9 years, I have built up Beach Yoga with Brad, on Santa Monica Beach, and teaching ONE class/day, 6 days a week, my annual income is > $54,000. That's over $1000/week, on average. How does that compare with what you are earning, and what your earning potential is for the next 10-20 years?

Now, I am preparing for retirement, and I am ready to sell the business. For most of this time, I've been the only teacher, teaching one class/day. If you have business instincts and skills, you can hire up to 5 other teachers, dramatically increasing your income.

Beach Yoga with Brad has a great track record:

2012 Best of L.A. (Los Angeles Magazine)
2012 Best of L.A. (LA Weekly)
2014 Readers' Choice: Best of LA (LA Weekly)
2015 Best Yoga in Santa Monica (Santa Monica Business Group)
2016 Best Yoga in Santa Monica (Santa Monica Business Group)
2017 Santa Monica Small Business Excellence Award
5* rating with 64 reviews on Yelp
7600+ “likes” and a 4.9* rating on Facebook, with 200 reviews

Expenses: Santa Monica fees and required insurance: $6100 annually. (approx. $509/month total expenses! That is IT!)

Sale price: $70,000

National and International reach:

2013 front page Boston Globe Travel Section (June 1, 2013)
2014 featured in British Airways in-flight magazine in their Best of LA article.

Emails come in weekly from all over the world asking for schedule and private Beach Yoga sessions. 2 European travel agents have sent groups to Beach Yoga in the last 6 months.

Requests for private classes come in regularly, the most frequent of which are Bachelorette/Wedding Parties; and the most lucrative was a UCLA Sorority who came to class via 3 buses. 125 people!

Q: Why can’t I just start my own beach yoga class?
A: You surely can, but consider this:
1. You have no clientele yet.
2. You’d have Beach Yoga with Brad and Friends as the competition.
3. You won’t start off with an average of $1000 of income per week. This business is running at its peak from the moment you own it.
4. You’d miss out on a 5* Yelp rating, and 4.9* on Facebook.
5. You’d miss out on 7600 “likes” on the Beach Yoga with Brad Facebook page who you can immediately communicate with.
6. You'd miss out on being the top hit on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and Yelp searches.

Q: Why is this better than a traditional, brick and mortar yoga studio?
A : 1. You aren’t saddled with a lease.
2. You don’t have to invest in the physical studio: carpets, painting, rest rooms, heating, A/C, repairs, lights, supplies, utilities, phone lines, wifi, security, props.
3. You don’t need a retail business (yoga clothes, props, jewelry, books, videos, etc.) in addition to classes. No inventories, no stock, no theft, no sales, no retail managers, no staff needed.
4. You’d be the ONLY Beach Yoga in town. Totally different profile from the dozens of other yoga studios in the greater Los Angeles area. A brick and mortar yoga studio is essentially just another version of Yoga Works. You are the same as every other brick-and-mortar studio when it comes right down to it. And you won’t be getting contacted by potential clients from all over the world to come inside a brick and mortar yoga studio.
5. Advantages: no building upkeep, no maintenance costs; no utilities, no utility bills; totally unlimited space, multiple location possibilities, fresh air all the time, exquisite location. Different teachers can be on different parts of Santa Monica Beach at the same time, including the options for private sessions.

Salary: $54,000.00 /year.

Employment: Permanent

Beginner to Master
Santa Monica Beach, Lifeguard Station #29, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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