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Job Opportunities in the Fitness, Yoga and Dance Industry for every role. Yoga teachers and group fitness instructors love our site. Get a free professional website profile, find jobs for free, connect with businesses, and up your professional game with Namafit.

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New jobs and events are posted every day on Namafit. And we’re growing into new areas all the time, too.

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Once you sign up on Namafit, you can apply to any jobs that you like. Is your schedule already full? No problem, you can still browse jobs and wait for the perfect opportunity.

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It only takes a click to apply to a job. The hiring business will receive your application with a link to your profile and can contact you directly. can contact the business directly by sending them a message!

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There are no fees for teachers, instructors, trainers and all other professionals to use Namafit and find jobs.

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You get a professional profile website and can immediately connect with businesses for job opportunities. Add your resume, social media links, profile picture, certifications, location.

Find Substitutes for Your Classes

One of the difficulties of working in the fitness industry is that sometimes you need a substitute for one of your classes.
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We’ll notify you when someone posts a job in your area that is a perfect match for your expertise.

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You can send and receive messages with hiring businesses right on the Namafit site. You’ll get a messages page for all your communication. And, messages are also sent to your email inbox where you can reply directly to a message from your email, too!

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Fitness, Yoga and Dance Teachers, Instructors, Trainers. Sales, Desk Staff, Management, Business services, Wellness Services, Spa & Massage Services. Every field is covered. What are you waiting for?

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