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Namafit is the best way to hire for any size business in the fitness, yoga & dance industry

Your business can be located anywhere in the United States. Post a job or event on our site and we will connect you with candidates in our network of professionals, and we will actively seek out more candidates specifically for your job or event.

How Namafit Works

No matter what type of business you operate, Namafit is the best solution for you to find the staff you need. We understand that hiring in the fitness and yoga industry’s is an ongoing demand for you and it can be stressful. Namafit was designed to simplify that process.

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The Namafit job matching solution is effective and simple. We have a huge network who get notified of the opportunity you post. We also send out the opportunity through search engines and other job networks, ultimately bringing more candidates to you.

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Post Events

Do you have a workshop, training, retreat or other event on the calendar? You can post an event to Namafit network and search engine to get more exposure and have prospective customers come directly to you to sign up and learn more. Event post are also free.

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Easy To Use And Cost Reducing

There is no solution that is less expensive and more effective. You can post for free, or sponsor a job for only $19. When you sponsor a job or event, we highlight your post in search results & newsletters. We also re-post your job to job boards & seek out qualified candidates for you directly.

Screening Candidates Has Never Been Easier

Fitness, yoga and dance professionals create a personal profile with the option of adding their resume, picture, social media links, certifications and contact information. You can screen applicant profiles and decide which ones you want to contact for the best steps.

Your Recruiting Center

Namafit is loaded with features to help businesses hire fitness and yoga professionals. Create your Namafit business site, invite other operation managers to help you manage your business page. Add your logo, social media links, locations, contact information and welcome message to your Namafit business page.
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Fitness Professional Network

Fitness professionals have been joining namafit since 2015 and the network grows every day as more professionals create their namafit profile to share with prospective employers.

Search Our Network For Candidates

You can search our network and reach out to professionals as part of our $9 per month membership. For that low cost, you also get UNLIMITED sponsored job and event posts.

Connect Directly With Candidates

Posting a job or event is easy. It only takes a few minutes. Once your post is live and you receive applicants, namafit will send you a link to the profile page of each candidate and you can contact those you wish directly through our messaging system.

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