Soul-FULL Summer Workshop

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SATURDAY, AUGUST 17th, 10am - 11am

Our state of our being in any given situation is comprised of the physical state, emotional state, mental state and spiritual state.

Join us for this hour long interactive workshop as we share ways to influence your overall state of being and help you be at peace with yourself and your environment on purpose and not at the mercy of things that happen around you or how people, outside energies or circumstances “make you feel”.

The PHYSICAL STATE is what other people can see...
Are you standing tall or hunched?
How are you breathing?
Are both of your feet on the ground?
Are you out of balance?
What are your hands doing?

The EMOTIONAL STATE is how you feel...
What emotions are flowing through your body?
How can you influence them?
Are you at the mercy of the things that happen outside of you or are you in charge of your feelings and able to control them and be your best self at any time?

The MENTAL STATE is what you focus on and what language you are using with yourself...
Are the little voices in your head (yes, we all have them, you’re not crazy) supporting you or dragging you down?
Are you focusing on the things you want or on the things that my hold you back?

The SPIRITUAL STATE is the energy you bring into any situation and the faith you have...
Is your energy high or low?
Do you believe that things will turn out well and the Universe has your back?

Arno Koch of Imagine Evolution will lead our Soul-FULL Summer Workshop which will include discussion and meditation.

Call 805.990.9582 and sign-up today. Cost is $20 for members and $25 for non-members. Space is limited.
Teacher: Arno Koch

Event Date: Aug 17 2019


Beginner to Master

Date Posted: Aug 14 2019
2806 Townsgate Road, Suite B, Westlake VIllage, CA 91361

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