Face Yoga Part 2

posted by Patricia Becker Yoga Instructor & Diet Coach

Go to https://youtu.be/hE4DuKiwhaA Increase blood circulation to help with elasticity and collagen production. Patricia Becker will teach you exercises for your 43 face muscles. Anti-aging creams and lotions, no matter how expensive, can not exercise your muscles! Jade Massage Tools at https://amzn.to/2wZ23uN

Face acupressure and face yoga exercises when used with a healthy diet and drinking enough good quality water will help
- Softens wrinkles
- Improve muscle tone
- Decrease puffiness and bags under eyes
- Increase blood flow
- Healthier radiant skin
- Decrease effects of stress on face
- Reduce double chins
- Lift sagging eyelids
- Decrease headaches
- Alleviate stress
- Promotes overall health and joy
Teacher: Patricia Becker

Event Date: Nov 24 2018

Beginning Yoga
Laughter Yoga
Chair Yoga
Basic Yoga

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Beginner to Master

Date Posted: Nov 07 2018
YouTube - Online, Palo Alto , CA 94036

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