About Namafit

Matching Fitness Industry Professionals With Jobs Since 2015

Our Mission

Namafit was started with the idea that it should be easy and intuitive for Fitness, Yoga, and Dance instructors to find work with local studios, gyms, and other businesses. We understand how difficult and time consuming it can be for a business to find qualified instructors, especially on short notice. At Namafit, we are constantly evolving the platform to better meet the needs of its growing community and implement improved features on a weekly basis.

Who Are We?

Namafit was founded by a yoga & fitness studio owner, and top notch developers (if we do say so ourselves). We use Namafit ourselves to meet our staffing needs and to help friends/colleagues find fitness jobs in their area. Shortly after Namafit was released we filled a last minute substitute instructor position in just a few hours...we love using Namafit and we hope you will to.

Where Are We?

The Namafit team has ties with cities and metro areas from the West to the East coast and we are expanding rapidly. If we aren't available in your area yet, we encourage you to reach out to us with the form at the bottom so that we can get started. Our home-base is right in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area in Menlo Park, California.

Brief History

Namafit is an ancient order that has its roots in the monks and monasteries of the yin shee mountains of Yansung province. Originally called "Namafitsumi" it was later shortened to simply be known as "Namafit" as you know it today. Only monks of the third circle and inner order are said to know the fullest extent of the Namafit lineage; however, it is speculated that Namafit began some 2,000 years ago when two great warring factions made peace over lotus blessings in the yin shee river. The two houses merged and the resulting line declared that the second male of every generation shall hence forth be dedicated to Namafit. We're just kidding, or course. Namafit was built to solve a problem we had ourselves in this industry- hiring- so we decided to solve it for everyone. Enjoy.

Contacting the team

We love to hear from future users, current users, interested parties, and everything in between. We base a large chunk of our upcoming product roadmap on awesome feedback we receive every week. If you have any questions, comments, concerns...we welcome your message. Feel free to email us via hello@namafit.com or use the contact form below:

We'd love your feedback